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Dealing with content copycats
  Most business owners understand the importance of unique, relevant content on your website. Quality content not only helps you rank[...]
This phishing email almost got me
​About 14.5 billion spam emails are sent each day. Some are obvious and get caught by spam filters easily, others[...]
Dealing with Content Copycats
​Most business owners and marketers understand the importance of having unique, relevant content on your company website. Quality content not[...]
Weekly Update – Customer Loyalty
​Let's talk about customer loyalty... ​No matter what industry you are in, you likely have competition that is actively encouraging[...]
Why small business websites get hacked
​Over 33,000 websites get hacked each day. Most business owners we talk to are aware that things like this happen[...]
Protect your site from Ransomware
​​A few weeks ago, 60 Minutes published a report on Ransomware. If you're like me, you were probably shocked to[...]
Tips for Better Communication on Projects.
Source: Tips for better communication by ProFusionWebSolutions Communication, Why is it so hard? Do you ever find yourself using Instant[...]
Website design help for non-designers
Websites come in all sizes and shapes to meet the needs and wants of their owners. We have been designing[...]
Email marketing pop-quiz
We’ve had a lot of inquiries about email marketing lately and how to use it profitably. If done correctly, email[...]
Small things you can do to make your website awesome
There is no doubt that a website can be a fantastic tool for educating clients and ultimately increasing sales. Taking[...]
Simbus Solutions – a brief history
Simbus Solutions – a brief historyAbout a week ago, we officially made the transition to our new name, Simbus Solutions.[...]
Think thank you
In an increasingly informal digital world, continuing to pull out pen and paper to write a thank you note is[...]
Take your blog from blah blah to rah rah!
Articles and statistics touting the benefits of blogging are ubiquitous. You know you probably should be blogging, but how and[...]
Blogging Best Practices
Last week we gave you 11 tips to help you re-energize your blog. Now that you know what to write[...]
How to add title tags to ProFusion Ultra Internet Solution
This short video will show you how to update the title tags and descriptions for each page on your ProFusion[...]
How to add title tags to WordPress using Yoast SEO
This short video will show you how to update the title tags and descriptions for each page on your WordPress[...]
Write the perfect website title and description
One of our very fist blog post had some tips you could use to make your site easier to find in[...]
Domain Registration – Look at your invoice carefully!
If you have a website, you have a domain registrar. A domain registrar is a company that manages the registration[...]