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How to Choose the Best Website Maintenance and Support Services?

Congratulations. Your company has a website. But just having a website is not enough. A website will only be functional and beneficial if the site is managed and update on a timely basis. Todays, user friendly websites allow non-technical people the ability to add and edit content, but most site owners neglect the more technical aspects of making sure the applications that run the website are updated and functioning properly. Making a website today is not the challenge, keeping it up and running while protecting your visitor’s information can be a bit overwhelming for the average site owner.

Websites need regular security updates, maintenance, traffic-driving content updates and keeping up with the latest Google algorithm. All are essential prerequisites to having your website increase traffic, engage and retain customers.

When we talk about website maintenance, we are not talking about making a change to the content of a page or adding images or video files, though we can assist with those functions as well. We are talking about routine monitoring of your website uptime as well as daily and weekly checks on system, application and add-on functions of your site to ensure these are all on the most current versions. These updates include bug fixes, and security patches that if not applied timely, can provide unauthorized access to your site files, potentially putting your site and your visitors at risk of malware, viruses, phishing, and ransom-ware attacks. These periodic check-ups go hand in hand ensuring visitors are provided the best user experience.

To achieve this, a reliable website maintenance and support service and staffs are indispensable. This guide explains what website maintenance and support services are, why you need them and the cost of hiring a dedicated web maintenance company.

Website Maintenance Services

Once a website is up and running, website maintenance services come into play for both basic and critical web maintenance and support tasks. These tasks are often categorized into daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. At the core of each category, is a result-driven ambition for the website to consistently deliver optimum user experience, and ensure customers that visit the site are engaged and retained.

Do you Need a Website Maintenance Service?

Websites require regular design updates as per the changing digital landscape. Furthermore, websites that rely on dynamic content strategy need thorough SEO and SEM analysis; all of which require additional updates.

Security updates are also an important aspect of website maintenance that ensures both business and customer data remain safe and secure. On average, 33,000 websites get hacked every day. This should be reason enough to ensure your website’s security updates are applied in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this is typically not the case as most site owners do not feel comfortable making these kind of site edits. Knowing the risks, the question is not, whether you need website maintenance services, but rather, should you hire an outside web maintenance service or do it in-house.

Businesses that opt for the latter must have internal technical expertise, resources, consistent dedication and maintenance schedules. The in-house service technician should be a dedicated resource comfortable with these types of duties. Because of technical nature of the work, the department would find it hard to juggle between web support and other business development and growth aspects.

Those that opt for the former, here are the top reasons why hiring Website Maintenance Support Services would be wise decision for your business growth.

Benefits of Web Maintenance Services

Intuitive User Experience

Businesses may launch a perfect site, with excellent design, content and user experience. Over time, the website begins to suffer from several potential problems that plague sites. These include slow load speed due to increasing traffic, broken links and non-functional site elements. Sometimes an inconsistency between the content strategy and design elements could hamper a site’s user experience. All these problems could hamper the site’s engagement level and end up discouraging prospects. A web maintenance service will help find and update slow pages, while ensuring the page is responsive providing a good user experience regardless of the device a visitor is using to view the site.

Robust Security Updates

Credible website maintenance support services help protect the integrity of a website by mitigating potential threats. Regular security checks and updates on a site are crucial for protecting a business’ online assets and user data.

Increasing Traffic

Google and other search engines regularly update the ranking algorithms as per the existing digital landscape. Such algorithm updates only favor websites that are regularly updated and those that offer excellent content and user experience. Website maintenance services may recommend on-site optimization and SEO services, both of which are required to increase traffic.

Web Maintenance Services Provide Back-up Mechanisms

Site backups are important for any unforeseen problems. Without a backup, a business may have to rebuild their website from scratch in case of technical glitch, malware, a hacked website, or ransom-ware attack. Web support services provide regular backups for both content and code and typically retain copies of these backups for a period of time. As a normal course of business sites that are hosted with ProFusion Hosting are backed up daily and retained for 30 days at no additional charge to the client, providing an additional level of security.

Prompt Support and Responses

Negligence could create a host of bigger problems on a site if left unchecked. Website support services maintain regular checks on a website, giving technical teams a firm grasp on the elements of a website. This prevents the occurrence of bigger problems since the support team has a prior understanding of the working of the site.

Types of Website Maintenance Services

Hourly Contracts

Hourly contracts for website maintenance services typically are the most expensive way to manage your site but allow the site owner to determine how many hours they wish to have their site worked on for a known amount of money. Hourly contracts take into account routine checkups on pertinent areas of a website. For better results, businesses discuss areas of interest and deliverables to achieve the best web support results. Hourly rates vary, but generally are in the $100+ per hour rate and the time is often billed in full hour increments.

Package Based Contracts

These are contract packages that include a fixed number of deliverables that are suitable for a particular website. Typically, they are sold based on a number of hours or tasks to be completed over a specified period of time. Generally, packaged service agreements provide a discounted rate based on the services or number of hours purchased. Package agreements frequently include faster service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure issues are addressed as quickly as possible.  We provide Essential Support Packages in 3-hour and 6-hour plans where the time does not expire until it has been exhausted and the support time is used in ¼-hour increments. We also provide monthly packages for a specified number of hours per month. These are sold on an annual basic and include deep discounts over our hourly support hour purchased on an as needed basis.

Need-Based Contracts

While this is not the best website maintenance service, it serves well for small businesses operating on tight budgets. Businesses approach a web support company with particular tasks, upon which the company delivers checks and fixes the problem depending on the needs. The main drawback here is small website problems escalating into bigger problems due to lack of regular maintenance. Which could result in large costs, that would have been solved through routine checks.

Bottom line, businesses of all forms require a web maintenance service to provide regular updates on their sites. The support services ought to be regular, dedicated and up-to-date to drive better results. If you are looking for dedicated website maintenance support services, look no more, opt for profusion web solutions and we will cater for your needs.

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