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Though our office is on Main Street in Ferndale, we get relatively little walk in traffic. Most people who are looking to develop a website do some research and make an appointment rather than just popping in. We certainly don’t mind the walk-ins, they just don’t happen that often. This week was a little on the odd side in that we had 3 people walk in to discuss a website and/or marketing strategy. Three different people, with three different business ideas and three wildly different reactions when we told them our pricing strategy.

The first one was a super cool lady with a really interesting story. Rhonda Hendricks has over 52,000 followers on Facebook and is known for her motivational and funny daily memes. She has lived a really inspirational life; from a cancer diagnosis and divorce to a brand new awakening with a vibrant and healthy future. I suggest you check out on her new website Rhonda Hendricks. Rhonda has big ideas and understood that though she may start small, she needed something that could grow and change with her evolving business. When I told her about our website packages, she quickly identified the one that would work best for her and she wrote a deposit check on the spot. Sometimes, you just click with someone and you know the relationship is going to be mutually beneficial. We are still working on the site, but she got us content very quickly which allowed us to launch the site immediately. Rhonda had no problem paying a professional to work on her site. She understood that we would work quickly and with her goals of growth in mind. Hiring a professional meant that Rhonda could be in business sooner than later.

The second woman who came in was testing the waters a little. Her brother had promised to build her business a website, but so far, he hadn’t produced anything. She was getting tired of waiting but also didn’t want to hurt her brothers feelings by hiring a professional. She was interested in a hybrid solution where we develop the site and let her brother do the maintenance on it. Again, I showed her our standard packages and included a little more training than I normally would so her brother could become pretty self-sufficient in the maintenance of the site. Though I could tell it was a little more than she was hoping to spend, I think it was clear to her the value we brought to the table. We don’t just sell websites, we really look at the business as a whole and sell a marketing solution. She took the information I provided, is going to review it and then will follow up with me next week. She currently has no web presence and understands the value of being able to share information and market to prospects even if she can’t get to her phone. The website can work for her 24 hours per day and that was very appealing to this one-woman business.

The third lady wanted to start a blog about healthcare. She wanted logo creation, business card layout and printing and the blog created (with domain registration and hosting) with training for her to update it. We hadn’t spent more than 90 seconds talking about her business idea when she starting pushing for price. I could tell that she was very price sensitive and really didn’t want to spend the time with me to discuss how she would monetize or market her new company. I gave her the same information about our website packages and hourly rates that I gave the first two women… she gave me this face…

and then walked out the door. In my younger days, I would have been more upset that I had just lost a potential sale. I hate losing a sale. But it was obvious to me that we were just a commodity to her. My shiny awards and years of experience in marketing and

growing companies meant nothing to her. Even if I could have convinced her to work with us, I would have been entering into a contract with a client who did not value our knowledge or experience. This would have made the whole relationship harder as I know now, that I LOVE working with clients who trust us as professionals and value what we bring to the table.

Instead of being bummed that a sale just walked out the door, I was grateful that this woman knew herself and her budget well enough to just turn and go before we spent anymore time going down a rabbit hole that would eventually lead no where.

The point of this post? Know your value. We created our website packages based on years and years of experience building these kinds of sites. We know about how much time each site will take to build and we charge accordingly. This helps us set the expectation for the clients up front so they know what they are going to get for their investment.

Know your value and you will never feel taken advantage of by a client. Know your value and you will never feel like you are giving more than you are receiving. Know your value, charge what you deserve, and the clients you bring in will treat you accordingly.

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