​search engine optimization

​need more traffic to your website? search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on increasing your visibility in organic search engine results. SEO is both technical and creative, and when done correctly, can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

​drive more traffic to your website

what good is a beautiful new website if no one can find it? Our team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will help guide you through how to best optimize your website and ensure it is easy to find for your selected keywords.

Websites created by ​ProFusion can be easily edited and added to by the website owner. We feel it is imperative that the site or business owner have a base knowledge of our SEO strategy. There is no black box, no hidden tools or items that are visible for our eyes only… making sure your website can be found in the search engines can be boiled down to just a few steps:

  • create unique, relevant and compelling content in the form of text, videos, audio files and social media posts
  • properly mark the content so that the website users and the search engines understand what the content is all about
  • promote the content to make sure it is indexed properly.

While that doesn’t sound too hard, it does take some strategy and know how in order to implement it. And we’re happy to do it for you, or we’re happy to teach you how to do it yourself. We know that time is the ultimate commodity. If you have a little extra, you can do some of this work yourself. However, if your time is currently at a premium, we can certainly step in and make sure your site is performing for your business.

how does your site stack up?

if you have an existing site and would like to know where you currently rank or what you can do to improve your search engine position, fill out the form on this page. We'll run a quick no obligation analysis and send it back to for review. 

​what is the difference between SEO and SEM?

both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aim to increase your ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). We traditionally use SEO when we refer to increasing the organic ranking on the SERP and SEM when we refer to placing an ad in the paid section of a SERP (see image on this page). While the image we reference is a Google SERP, SEM can be used when talking about ads in Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook or other social network. 

Typically, for SEM, the cost of the click is determined by an auction of sorts. If you are the only one bidding on the keyword, the cost will be lower than if you are one of 1,000 people bidding for placement on that keyword. In all cases of SEM, you can set what you are willing to spend and place a cap so that you are not paying a higher fee than you are comfortable with.

For a more in-depth conversation about SEO/SEM and how we can help drive more traffic to your website, send us a message.

Search Engine Marketing by ProFusion

​In this image, the yellow highlighted listings are the paid ads on Google Ads. Each time a user clicks on the link in yellow, the site owner will pay a fee to Google. The other results, below the yellow, are organic listings and do not have to pay a fee to Google when the link is clicked.