marketing focused wordpress websites 

wordpress is the undisputed industry leading website building platform. It's ease of use, flexibility and plethora of plug-ins makes it an ideal web solution for businesses of all sizes. We're security focused and marketing minded WordPress developers for business owners. 

we create attractive, results oriented websites using WordPress.

what we know

we know that a good looking website can help create the right impression for your company. But your site should do more than just look good. We create websites that help turn prospects into customers and customers into raving, evangelical fans; and we do it all with your bottom line in mind.

We build websites using WordPress as well as our proprietary platform, the ProFusion Ultra Internet Solution. The client’s needs, desires and level of customization needed determines what platform we use to create the website.

Although all 6 steps of our process are extremely important, the one we spend the most time on is Fact Finding. We want to know why you do what you do, how you do it, how long you’ve been doing it, why you are better, ​what you can systematize, who your competitors are, what are they doing, where your bottle-necks are, where you shine, etc.

the process...

  • discovery – you interview us, we interview you. There are a lot of questions asked in this step.
  • proposal – once we know what you are looking for, we will deliver a written proposal with a fixed bid price.
  • design – when the proposal is accepted, we then begin the design phase. We take into consideration who your target market is, what they will be doing on the site and what the goals of your site are before we begin designing the site.
  • development – once the design has been approved, we start creating pages and integrating any necessary plug-ins or modules into the site. If you already have a live website, this is typically done on a development URL so that only you have access to it while it is under construction.
  • testing – before we hand the site over to you, we run it through a series of test to make sure it works the way it should. We look at the site in all different browsers and on different devices. We test buttons, links, images, font sizes and colors… we make sure it looks and functions perfectly.
  • launch – once you give us the green light, we launch the site on the live domain. We then install the SSL, additional security functions, verify the site is working, & where applicable redirect old site pages and do an initial backup of the site.

​sample sites

you'll find a small sample of our work here. Please check our blog for more recent site launches. If you have questions or would like to request an estimate, please let us know. 

what are the elements of a conversion focused website? 

we keep throwing around phrases like "conversion focused websites" and "results oriented websites" and that sounds really good on paper and pixels, but what does that really mean? If you're not selling online, what counts as a conversion? How can a website really help my business grow? Those are all great questions and we do our best to answer them in a handy little white-paper we created called "Elements of a Conversion Focused Website". You can download the white-paper by clicking the button on this page.