Tips for Better Communication on Projects.

Communication, Why is it so hard?

Do you ever find yourself using Instant Messenger (IM) to communicate with another person; the conversation has drawn on for so long your fingers are getting tired? Or you have typed so long trying to relay an issue that you find yourself back where you started? Usually, these IM conversations are done in an effort to avoid having to call the person you are IM’ing with. Sometimes this is faster and easier, allowing you to have three and four instant message conversations at one time. In today’s day and age this is amazingly efficient. IM is an invaluable tool when used properly. However, conversations need to be clear and direct; otherwise picking up the telephone is far easier and more efficient.

ProFusion Web Solutions provides another method of communication, specifically for projects, that allows for multiple people to communicate on an individual project. It allows all interested parties to be contacted via email every time there is a post or comment made to a project. As good as this application is it does not work as efficiently as it can when certain communication features are avoided or neglected. Below are a few tips to communicating effectively on the Project Management System (PMS).

Be Clear and Concise; Brevity is the Key…

The key to a good post or comment is brevity. Not all posts can be minimized down to a few words but most can be reduced significantly with a little effort.

Mark Twain once said “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Twain clearly expresses the idea, that it is difficult and time consuming to keep thoughts and ideas as clear and concise. However, when communicating via the PMS, clarity and brevity are two mandatory qualities of any proper post.

Provide a call to Action

The first few sentences of your post should express what action is required. Then the rest of the message can be used to communicate the required information to complete the task. This allows all readers to understand the issue at hand and then to follow your line of thought. A call to action in the first sentence also serves as a reminder to everyone when they go back to review your post at a later time/date.

Proof Reading/Spelling

When you have finished writing a post you should re-read your post out loud. This will allow you to “hear” your message. Often times when you are reading a message that you just wrote, your mind you will read what you “intended” to write instead of what you actually wrote.

In addition, if you know that your spelling is sub-par. It is very helpful if you cut and paste your message into Microsoft Word and then use the spell check feature before you post to the PMS.

This process takes about 5-10 seconds for you and eliminates multiple minutes for all readers; who have to read and reread your message until they understand what you are trying to convey.

Remember, you know what you mean; it is your readers you who must understand your words and sentences. If you do not write in a legible manner, your readers will misunderstand your intentions and directions, resulting in delays on your project.

Address your Post

Every message you write should be addressed to someone. In modern time we all receive countless emails everyday, if the message is not addressed to you, then you are less likely to read it.

Start every post with the name of the people you would like to read your message. If your message is intended for everyone then put “All” at the top of your message.

By remembering these four simple ideas when writing a post to the PMS, both you and your readers will be more efficient and effective.

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