Where did Simbus Come From? Simbus Solutions – a brief history

About a week ago, we officially made the transition to our new name, Simbus Solutions. We sent out a letter to our clients to let them know about the change. If you missed the letter or just wanted to know a little more about why we changed our name, read the letter below.

We want to thank you so much for being our customer and friend. Over the past few years, we have had a bit of an identity crisis. We started off as Net Solutions North America, and that named served us well for over 10 years. However, we always felt that name was a little generic. Then a couple of years ago, we started operating under our brand name of ProFusion. Again, the name was fine, but it didn’t convey the heart of our business.

You see, we pride ourselves on making the complex simple; on taking ideas and implementing them quickly without added drama or layers of unnecessary density. As a small business, we are nimble and can react quickly to change or adversity, and we felt like we needed a name that reflected the services that we provide and the simplicity in which we provide them.

Enter Simbus Solutions. Simbus stands for Simple Business Solutions. That’s it, that’s our focus. We simply focus on how we can help your business grow via the web. Whether that growth comes from a new website, email marketing, search engine optimization, videos or content writing, we’ve got you covered.

Rebranding gives a company the opportunity to get back to its core values as a business. It’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects that don’t resonate with your mission. With this business re-birth, we have recommitted our time and efforts to providing you with unprecedented value. We know that if we help you succeed, we will continue to be successful.

We hope that our mission and name change resonates with you. We hope you know that we are here to​​​​​ help you with whatever web solution need you may have.

​Again, we thank you for sticking with us through our identity crisis! We’ve worked through growing pains, puberty and some rebellion and we feel like we are stronger because of it. We know who we are, we know what we can offer you and we are grateful for the people, like you, who have continued to trust us as their partner in the web.

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